August 15

august 15..png

Socratic, a website where people can ask and answer academic questions, will close to new questions and answers on August 15. I've been a regular answerer in the Chemistry section. You can see my old answers here
Socratic has a special place in my heart because, there, I felt like I was helping the world understand the things I am so passionate about; the things I am so eager to share—it was a win-win situation: I got to talk about Chemistry and help other people along the way. 

I started contributing sometime in my sophomore year, and it's sneaked its way into my daily routine since.
A daily, repeating task in my mental to-do list has always been "Answer a Socratic question." I do it every weekday after I come home from school; on weekends, it's usually the first thing in the morning.

And, since I feel like I've been ticking that box off every day since the beginning of time, I think a small part of me will die on August 15. 

But I guess the death of Socratic will be the beginning of something beautiful. I'm hesitant but excited to be working with a group of other excited people on a continuation of Socratic. I'll let you know how it goes.